Deep Sea Sediments

Materials collected by marine researchers from the ocean floor, used as pigments.

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Slip tests of marine sediments painted on porcelain tiles, fired to multiple temperatures, ranging from 600’C to 1200’C, exploring their molecular and visual transformations when exposed to oxidized heat.

Collection displayed at Scripps Oceanography Institute, 2023



Pteropod Dust

Calcium Carbonate shells of sea butterflies, transform from chalk white to blue at 2232 'F

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Red Ash

The collaboration of iron dust, seaweed ash, and marine creatures develop a ceramic glaze

Moon Jar

Magnesium Nodule

Using the ancient, controversial, and highly sought after material as a handle to open an empty form.

Empty Jar

Calcium Carbonate

CaCo3 is foundation of marine creatures in every ocean on earth

Porcelain Vase