Olla Ceramics is a project with the vision to connect clay science and innovation with the technical elements that have been passed down by indigenous potters who paved the way for use of wild clay bodies.
Each piece has a place correlated with it, its home base- and its shape is informed by this connection. 
To find way to push this materials natural beauty, flexibility and molecular strength into being an object not only aesthetic but multi-functional is the ultimate goal.
Above all, clay has heart. Reminding us to see the speciality of the soil that our homes, our history and our current lives are taking place on is the irreplaceable value of this practice, and these forms.

Deep Sea Sediments

Materials collected by marine researchers from the ocean floor, used as pigments.

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Slip tests of marine sediments painted on porcelain tiles, fired to multiple temperatures, ranging from 600’C to 1200’C, exploring their molecular and visual transformations when exposed to oxidized heat.


Pteropod Dust

Calcium Carbonate shells of sea butterflies, transform from chalk white to blue at 2232 'F

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Red Ash

The collaboration of iron dust, seaweed ash, and marine creatures develop a ceramic glaze

Moon Jar

Magnesium Nodule

Using the ancient, controversial, and highly sought after material as a handle to open an empty form.

Empty Jar

Calcium Carbonate

CaCo3 is foundation of marine creatures in every ocean on earth

Porcelain Vase